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The Pilgrim's Way

The Pilgrim’s Way

20,000 saints are said to be buried on Ynys Enlli. 

An incredible concept that only adds to the feeling that every inch of this unprecedented island is sacred. The end of the journey for many pilgrims was to reach Enlli.

But for the Celt ‘saint’ was a name given to a Christian or member of a church clan. In the Latin Church a ‘saint’ was a title of honourable status. The religion of the Latin Church did not reach Llŷn in the same way as the influence of the Celtic Church. 

This new religion from the early Christians came from Ireland, Brittany and Cornwall. 

In the 5th century, in the early days of the Celtic Church a feudal community was established in Aberdaron; that in the area of Capel Anelog. 

The legacy of the saints can still be seen here in Llŷn, with several churches, villages and wells named after them.

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