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Stories and Local History

Local History

The history in Carmel’s square mile is a vibrant tapestry of stories about people, land and sea, religious history and mythology. 


Here’s a taste of what to expect at Plas Carmel. You’ll have to visit us to get the whole story!

Dic Aberdaron

A stone’s throw from Carmel stood Cae’r Eos, Dic Aberdaron’s childhood home. Although a well-known figure throughout Wales and beyond as a vagabond and talented linguist, there’s a central place for Dic’s history at Carmel.

The Pilgrim’s Way


The Pilgrim’s Way winds past Plas Carmel.  The trail would be very busy many centuries ago when the pilgrims walked the trail all the way to Aberdaron and crossed the Sound to Enlli. Today modern pilgrims walks along Llŷn’s famous coastal path.

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Porth Wisgi

The Llŷn Coastal Path is also very important for local residents and attracts visitors worldwide all year round. It’s nearly impossible not to be amazed by Llŷn’s miles of golden beaches and rugged coastal cliffs. But it’s the stories attached to them that enriches these places. There’s plenty of stories connected to the sea in Plas Carmel, but among the most amusing is the story of Porth Wisgi.

Capel Anelog

Capel Anelog once nestled at the foot of Mynydd Anelog (Anelog Mountain). Today, there are no remains to be seen at this secluded site. It would’ve been a perfect stop for the old saints to worship in peace. In the 18th century there was a remarkable discovery of two headstones from the 6th century commemorating two Christian priests.

Carreg Plas Quarry


It was Captain J Trevethan that discovered the precious stone was indeed jasper, and the quarry officially opened in 1904. 

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