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Capel anelog

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Capel Anelog

The secluded site of Capel Anelog was sure to be an attraction for the old saints to worship in peace.


In the 18th century there was a remarkable discovery of two headstones from the 6th century commemorating two Christian priests.


Inscriptions on the stones refer to 'many brethren' suggesting that they came from a cemetery of a religious community and monastery which had been lying in the shallow valley of Afon Saint (River Saint) at the foot of Mynydd Anelog. The old name, Capel Verach, is likely to date from this period.


The stones were preserved at Cefnamwlch mansion in Tudweiliog for years by the Wynne-Finch family, before returning to their present home at St Hywyn's Church, Aberdaron. 


They  are known as Maen Aswy (Left-Hand stone) and Maen Deau (Right-Hand stone), and may have been carved by the same sculptor.


The inscriptions are neat and sophisticated, and it is likely that the men who carved the stones spoke fluent Latin, as well as Brythoneg, the ancient Celtic language spoken by the Brythoniaid in Britain. This characterful inscription is what inspired Plas Carmel’s unique typeface.

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